Senior Software Engineer (Scala)


We are looking for someone who likes to work in small, informal teams that work together in a conversational software development workflow. The teams have their own organically evolved organization focusing on end results, while making each other better developers.

You are a highly effective developer comfortable with Scala (or in a position to adopt it quickly) that can solve difficult problems and teach (as well as learn from) other developers by example and collaboration.

This role will be working on a new rapid-growth business developed last year - - by a highly independent unit of Nordstrom, based in Los Angeles. The candidate will contribute in the direction and progress of larger-scale Nordstrom search technology with minimal overhead. You will also have the freedom to have a meaningful voice in all aspects of our team’s software development. At HauteLook, we reward individual initiative and vision. While working on the new Search & Personalization team, you will focus on developing services as needed to support its efforts